Wedding rings for him


The wedding ring is an important symbol. In most places throughout the world they are enduring symbols of the love two people have for one another. For a long time, in fact most of human history, only women were expected to wear wedding rings. Since the 20th century, however, it has become common practice for men to wear rings as well. Despite the rise of the 'metrosexual', there are still men who aren't all that comfortable with the idea of wearing a ring, even though there are some very nice options available for men.

The problem, perhaps, arises from the idea that golden bands are rather feminine. Even the most unadorned and simple ring may make the very 'manly men' in the world feel a little uncomfortable. Traditionally the bride and groom decide together what their wedding bands will look like. The idea is to create some form of uniformity between the two rings to link the couple even closer together.

Where the options in the past were rather limited, today men have a much wider option in rings. There are several important factors that need to be kept in mind as far as rings for men are concerned that will play a role in the decision of material, design and ornamentation.

The most important consideration is whether the ring is appropriate for the lifestyle of the man in question. An very active man who likes the outdoors will want a ring that can withstand the rigours of his hobbies. A man who works with hands wants something that won't get caught or impede his work. Practicality is first and foremost before one even considers style.

Style is, of course, also important

A man doesn't want a ring that he is going to regret years from now when he changes jobs or surroundings. While a nice design now may seem brilliant, it may not be that nice down the line when the ring becomes an embarrassment with the the company he keeps. Take, for example, a man than was an artist but who later in life becomes the owner of a gallery – a ring that may have highlighted his artistic spirit and individuality in his youth may send a very different message to his customers and patrons later in life.

With these considerations in mind, a more informed choice can be made. The material of the ring is very important. The first choice amongst many couples is gold. It is beautiful, relatively affordable and traditional. If gold is the option then a lower karat is a good choice for the groom's ring. 14K gold is still gold enough to have the characteristic shine and lustre, but still durable enough to withstand the rigours of man's life. For a very active man a lower karat may be better or even another material.

Silver and platinum are good choices since they can be alloyed with other metals to create durable, scratch resistant rings that will last a lifetime. For the most durable, titanium is the best choice. It can withstand any damage and any scratches can be easily polished out without any negative effects to the ring. A titanium ring can have gold inlay to match the bride's golden ring, if she still desires a gold ring. Not only is titanium durable, but there is something masculine about the hardest natural metal known to man.

As for design, simple is always better. Engravings and minimal inlays are the way to go. A simple band attracts less attention than an ornate one. For the man's ring, a looser fit is also recommended. Since men have a tendency to get their hands dirty more often than not, the ability to easily remove the ring to protect it may arise and a loose fit will make this process easier.

Then again, some people may not want a man to be able to remove his ring with a lot of ease...

Men don't have to worry too much about their wedding band. There are many options available that will keep his bride happy and keep his masculinity intact. The designs available for men's rings are very interesting these days and there is certainly something out there that will suit your needs.


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