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Jewellery has been around for much of human history. The forms have changed, the skills used to make them have evolved and the materials have changed over the course of human history, but the purpose has remained the same. These artful pieces can denote status, indicate wealth, play a multitude of cultural roles or can simply be gifts.

Today jewellery is both an art and a skill. Rings studded with diamonds, pieces glittering with all manner of precious stones, unique pieces made specifically for weddings and many more, jewellery is an important part of fashion and status. For the average person, navigating the world of jewellery can be a veritable minefield.

Experts will speak 'at' you about the 4 C's, refraction, fire, lustre, cut and a whole plethora of other jewellery jargon. It seems confusing, but it does not have to be. Diamonds, for example are not the only precious stones that look good in rings and other settings. Fashion, it seems, wants to see other gems for wedding rings. Check the links above for a simple explanation to the world of jewellery and when you're done, why not visit a the site of a local jeweller to see what they have on offer.

Whether you're looking to buy a wedding ring, engagement ring, fashion jewellery or just a special gift for someone or yourself - you can search for it all in our Online Jewellery domain-specific portal or click here to contact us and get your site registered.

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